You never realize the day it happens. The day you wake up and your life literally decides to just "spruce " things up a bit. A little plot twist. When the realization hits, its almost confusing. Like when did this happen? When did I fall out of love with this person? When did me and... Continue Reading →


I Hope You Don’t Understand

“You’re a failure. Everything you’re doing is a waste of time. Disappointment. That’s all you have to offer, disappointment. Sure you’ve done good compared to some. You’re not homeless. You have a steady income. You’re still in school. 7 years after graduating high school and you’re still working on that degree. Good for you I... Continue Reading →

Somebody Else

Is it bad that I don’t want you to move on? I don’t want your body touching mine. I don’t want our hearts intertwined. But I don’t want you with somebody else.   Is it bad that I moved on? Someone else occupies my time. Everything is perfectly fine. But I still don’t want you... Continue Reading →

All The Stars

"I hate people that feel entitled Look at me crazy 'cause I ain't invite you Oh, you important? You the moral of the story? You endorsin'? Mothafucka, I don't even like you." - Kendrick Lamar


I woke up this morning feeling lighter than usual. The sun peered through my window and my gaze turned optimistic. The weight of "what if" seemed to glide off of me. I can't refrain from smiling. I feel ..free. I've grown accustomed to waking up squeezing my eyes tighter , hoping to catch back to... Continue Reading →

Generations of Love

Black love has always been a mystery to me. So have black men. Not in a way that I don't know who they are or been around them.  I've been exposed to the strength of the black man. The perseverance. I have always had an admiration for men of color. Who they are in love... Continue Reading →

Real Love

Don’t be like me. I want better for you. So as I’m reflecting. Let me tell you the truth.   Real love never goes away. It doesn’t ever die. No matter the amount of passing days. No matter how many times you cry.   The memories stay with you. And eventually, they make you smile.... Continue Reading →

What Was Meant to Be

Through groggy eyes, I see that it’s 4:43 a.m. and realize my alarm will be going off in less than an hour. I have this habit of checking my phone when I wake up in the middle of the night. Very healthy, I know. And usually there isn’t any notifications, but this time is different.... Continue Reading →


When you're a child, it takes for someone to magnify something about you before you really notice some things. I knew my skin was brown. I thought I was beautiful. I'm sure I didn't know exactly all that the word "beautiful" entails but I didn't want to change anything. Nothing about me felt wrong. I... Continue Reading →

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